Saturday, 2 April 2016

Silence Your Mind

The world of silence it’s a place to explore who you truly are, to create, and to connect to the universe. In the silence, you connect to love. In the silence, you access the power of the universe. It clears your mind and gives you extraordinary ideas, allowing success to flow freely.

The silence is within that part of yourself that No One Knows, where you may encounter the true purpose of your life and what you need do to achieve it. In the silence, you recharge your batteries, remove tension and anxiety, reduce stress and fatigue, eliminate doubt and depression, and remove enculturation programming. It gives you a sense of belonging. You become one with the universe and all of humanity, and you know peace.

When you are separated from the silence, you see doubts, your see problems, and you feel the negative surround you.  There are no problems, doubts or negative in the silence. It moves you away from this outer world and all its perceived troubles, connecting you back to your original source of spirit.

This silence is located in the space between your thoughts.  To reach it, you must quiet your thoughts. You must quiet your mind and know stillness. Then, you merge with it.

Quiet your mind, be at peace, and connect. Take a walk in the woods or a quiet park. Listen to the sounds of nature. Breathe deeply of the fresh air. Hear the birds chirping, the leaves rustling under foot, and the sound and smell of the breeze as it brushes past your face. Walk barefoot in the grass. Stretch your arms out wide and slowly turn, feeling the freedom.

Feel the different textures of nature — the bark of a tree, the silky feel of a flower petal, the soft fur of a kitten, the bristles from the blades of grass against you palm, and all that nature offers your senses. As you focus on hearing and feeling nature, you will find peace. While you’re alone, speak to the universe — in your mind through your thoughts or out loud, depending upon your comfort level.  Speak as if you’re speaking to a friend. Tell this friend your problems and desires. Then, let the universe take care of them.

If your life have been blessed with this article please share with others. who knows you may encourage a soul by doing so? You are blessd in Jesus name.