Thursday, 7 April 2016

Five Tips to become Better Husband at Home

A marital problem start when a wife feels neglected and taken for granted by her husband, the man should be more sensitive to the needs of his wife. If you are one of  the husband that don’t care to notice that your wife is not happy anymore I think this  short article is for you to read and understand. Below are some steps you can take to  become a better husband at home.

1.MAKE YOUR WIFE FEEL BEAUTIFUL: Let your wife feel that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, this will avoid making her feel insecure especially if she knows you are surrounded by beautiful women in your office this will definitely give her peace of mind and make her to believe that you are a disciplined man.

2.SAY I LOVE YOU:   Tell your wife that you love her. This is what she loves to hear every day. This is one of way of feeling her sense of security, hearing this word will always make her happy.
3.RESPECT YOUR WIFE:  Learn to respect your wife at all cost, avoid shouting at her this may even lower her self-esteem especially if you are the one bringing home the income

4.LET YOUR WIFE EXPRESS HERSELF:  Wives have more work than husbands, wives take care of the kids, and lot more, if they are also working in the office this may add more to their stress. If you noticed that your wife is tired, and is about to breakdown let her vent out her feelings. Give her chance to say out some of the stress she is feeling.
5.ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES:   If you made a mistakes don’t try to cover it up by arguing with your wife, she may appreciate it more if you do.