Thursday, 7 April 2016

How do you find your Purpose

As we are all different, we will all need different paths to help us find our purpose in life. If you’ve struggled to find the direction you need to complete your destiny, if you’ve always felt you were made for something, but a little unsure what t was that try some of the following ideas to explore what your purpose may be.

Every one has a purpose, and there is potential in each of us. It’s just a matter to exploring and investigating a little to discover it. What terrifies you? It’s an interesting concept but what you don’t like, or what you fear may be the very thing pointing to your destiny. It’s like the concept of yin and yang- there are two sides to each coin. The fear may originate from blocking off an early passion that you were unaware of. Write a list of your fears and the negative feelings that come from them.

 Then look at that list and see if there is an opposite charge to the fear. For example, if you are terrified of public speaking, but love to share your ideas, then
you may be well suited to expressing yourself through the written word. When are you scared of failing? Those things that are important to us hold a great deal of weight to how we see ourselves and our success. If you are scared at failing at something, you’ll often avoid it at all costs. But those things we are scared to fail at are often the very things we most want to do.

Explore the times you’ve said no to something, or avoided something because you’ve been scared of showing yourself to not be good at it. Who energizes you? If you’ve only got people around you who tear or wear you down and you struggle with feeling good about yourself when you are around them, then you need to change the dynamic.

What sort of people inspires you? What sort of people make you want to grab life and live it completely, who add a little light into everything. The people we are attracted to, who we want to spend time with, reflect not only where we are now, but where we want to be. Align yourself with people living a full life and their enthusiasm
rubs off and affects your own passion. Go for people you respect, and work underneath them- serving them.  That is the very best way to learn. If you can’t find anyone like that around you, devour books about people you admire and learn by proxy.

When will you get there? It can be incredibly frustrating when you can see where you want to end up (and how many of us have the dream of the house on the beach, the traveling round the world) However each journey starts with one small step in front of the other. The end destination isn’t the only thing you need- you need to break it right down into manageable chunks. You may start with a small passion in something really simple that you don’t think much of, and then it explodes and evolves into something else entirely.

Enjoy that process, and trust it. The lessons we learn along the way as we explore our purpose are never wasted. If you are naturally visionary, having to wait it out sometimes can be incredibly frustrating. However learning to temper your impatience and lay it aside helps you get there faster. Remembering there is a season for everything you do helps. Who are you now?

Before you start to move forward you need to first make peace with the person you are today, right here and right now. The person you are today is the person you started to become five or ten years ago. We are all a product of our own past and the place we are in today is of our own making.

To move forward we need to accept the person we are, with all our foibles and
limitations. If you’ve got a few pounds to lose, or spend like money is going out of fashion, if you’re in a dead end job because you’ve never really used that initiative lying innate in all of us, or you are in a relationship that is more about comfort
than seeing each other move towards each other’s purpose, the only person who put you there is you.

Love yourself now; accept yourself now and where you have been, and then move on. Our purpose can begin from any circumstances. No matter what has gone before, we have the choice to change our life now, today. One person in themselves can be hugely effective. Dream big and don’t underestimate your ability to get there- many people have dreams up a purpose that on paper looked impossible, but was not only achieved but surpassed. Breathe life into those big visions.

What will I do?

Make a list of all the dreams and thoughts you’ve had – all the things you want to do in your life. Once it’s down on paper, make a plan of action to follow. Sometimes the first step is to consolidate, to regroup and spend some time learning or preparing. This is an excellent time to give your time to work under people who are working towards a similar purpose, to learn alongside them.

Don’t worry if the times get a little rough sometimes. See the difficult times are periods of growth, where you are learning the next important lessons to succeed. There is a well known Chinese proverb that says “When things are going good the
business grows, when things are going bad, you grow.” No experience is ever wasted as long as you grasp any circumstance as an opportunity to grow.

Who cares what other people do?

Your unique passion is never going to be exactly the same as someone else’s. Sure there will be elements the same, but the majority of your purpose is a custom fit for you. Just as others can’t mass produce your purpose for themselves, you can’t look at someone else’s purpose and compare your own to it in a negative light. You can only be yourself, and you can only bring your own talents and skills to your purpose.

No one will do it quite like you. And that is ok!  When we start to look at how others fulfill a similar vision, we can start to make negative judgments on ourselves. Of course looking and learning in a positive way is a clever way to save a few big mistakes along the way. But when you allow fear to creep into your comparison times, your purpose suffers.

When will you get there?

Your purpose is likely to change and evolve as you do. And once you begin to grasp the sense of fun and excitement that occurs when you begin to explore your purpose you want to change and evolve with you. Get ready to go on a life long journey of discovering your purpose. To begin with your goals may be small. We can actually only conceive in our heads that which we truly believe we can possibly achieve.

If you’ve ever had a big dream thought, and really focused on it, you’ll find your mind can often place up blocks or reasons why that dream won’t be happening for you. The key is to constantly try to stretch the dream we have for our purpose.
That means we may need to rework our purpose every five to ten years. What motivates you in your twenties may not give you the same rush in your thirties or your forties. Keep a check on yourself and what you want to be living in the now- not what you wanted five years ago.

If you are reading this as a teen or young person, use your youth to your best advantage. The times we have as a single person with no huge amounts of responsibility including paying all those boring bills and having a partner are the very best times to use our time well and experience as much of life as we can.
Spend this time not only studying but learning skills in leadership, organization, and people skills through voluntary work, hobbies and generally living your life.

No matter your age, become someone who says yes to life, as then you open yourself up to opportunity. As you begin to say yes, you begin to see new ways to achieve your purpose that you may have thought were unlikely before. Never say you are to
busy to get there. As the saying goes, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” A person who is busy on life, not just busy on trying to wearily make it to the next bedtime actually has the time to do the things they really want to do.
We all have choices on how we spend our time. Use it well, and carefully.

How did I get here?

Being thankful every day for where you are now, and where you are going keeps your thoughts on track. If you can’t be thankful for any aspect of your life, then it is likely that you are living a life that is not consistent with the purpose you were designed for. And if you have lost that ability to be thankful, you need to
start to create it to give yourself the strength to move out of that negative situation.
Start the day with thankfulness. Before you get up in the morning say some thank yous. If you have a faith, this is like praying. However the concept works regardless- it’s just acknowledging the things in your life you love or care about. It
may be people, situations or possessions.

At the end of the day, just before bed, repeat the exercise. Then you start and end the day on a positive note. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s a good way to create a circle of thankfulness to set up and end your day on.

How Do You Commit to Your Purpose?

Once you have established what your purpose is, write it down.
Keep it as simple and as clear as possible. A three pager
probably indicates you are still trying to find your purpose.

Then break your purpose down. Say for instance you felt your purpose was to become a talk show host. Consider the steps you need to achieve that. What qualifications would you need? Would you need to alter your appearance at all? How would you go about lifting your profile so people know who you are and believe you can do what you do? Write these mini goals down on a piece of paper.

Read these goals aloud every morning and night, to help you stay on track. This is your personal journey and you don’t need to share it with anyone else.

Write a story that verbalizes how it feels to be living the life you achieve when you’ve followed your purpose. Write it as if you are two years from now, after you’ve achieved your goals. Think about the typical day of a person living your dream. Write it down with as much detail as you can.

This is your life story in action. Read this story aloud every day. Reading aloud helps us learn it both visually and aurally. It helps the brain accept it as fact. It also says you believe in it enough to speak it out loud. We can’t voice confidently what we
can’t believe.

For example:

“I wake up this morning and kiss my beautiful partner as they lie sleeping. I slip into my running gear and walk down to the beach from our beachfront house and run along the expanse of sand with our puppy. The sun feels warm on my back and the sky still has an early morning golden glow to it. I walk back to the house, admiring the way the second story we got put on last year after we bought it.

I get home and discover there is a call from my agent asking for someone to interview me about the film script I just sold the rights to…”

What ever the vision, write it down. Make it as big and as detailed as possible. Then read it every morning. Next get your mind ready and questioning your motives and
goals for the day. Ask yourself the following:

What can I be grateful about right here and right now?

What makes me feel happy today?

What do I love more about myself today?

What do I love more about the people in my life today?

What are three actions I will take today to see my goals comeinto being? (This can be anything from putting your papers in order, to making phone calls, to writing something down. Our baby steps can walk us a long way is we do it every day.)

Once you’ve answered your questions, face yourself in a mirror and tell yourself you love yourself. If you have body image problems, allow yourself to love the parts of you that you find fault with. We need to love both the person we are now, and the
person we are becoming.

We cannot expect someone else to love us if we have not first to
love ourselves.

To keep yourself going and focused throughout all the day, create a list of “I am” statements that speak of who you are and who you want to be. These are our live mantras, the eons that help us to walk confidently on the path we want to follow.
These may include comments such as “I am a light”, “I am fit and healthy”, “I am able to speak confidently”, “I am worth of all that I dream and hope for.”

Remind yourself of your purpose every day. Remind yourself of what is important to you. Ask yourself what the world needs more of everyday. Ask yourself how you want to be remembered. Write these questions down in your car, or at your desk. Asking ourselves questions, then answering them allows us to more deeply process the truth of the goal.

The old adage what goes in must come out fits well with living out your purpose. Listen and watch things that motivate you. Spend time with people who stimulate you each and everyday. Limit your time with people who make you feel bad or tear you down.

As you begin to succeed and find yourself covering all your mortgages, loan repayments and expenses, tax yourself and place ten percent of your net earnings in an account. This money is meant to be used to invest in anything that will move you
closer to your dream. Take another ten percent net and give it away. This reminds us
to be grateful for the things we have and the things we are still to receive. It also helps us become focused on wealth generation just for the purpose of more wealth.

If you haven’t yet got to the stage where you have money `enough to give, find other ways you can give out of what you have. Clear your cupboards and give your excess possessions away. Make a cake or offer some time to someone else who needs it. Find some way to give out of what you already have and see how your world begins to open up before you.

Why is This So Important?

Your ability to get to where you want to be, to live a life of purpose is in direct proportion to your ability to exercise mind control. The ideas and activities in this report help your mind lock in the purpose you are heading to. It helps you to place
your goals inside your subconscious, and then the process becomes a lot easier.

The ability to harness your mind and control your thought processes is one that successful people through the ages have used. It’s the common denominator of all successful people whether they are business owners or world class athletes.
Research in the ability to drive past our own concept of limiting belief has shown that if we get the mind on track, the rest will follow.

One study by Australian psychologist Allen Richardson showed that when basketball players were asked to not practice but to just mentally rehearse a successful shooting practice for twenty minutes a day they were as successful as the control group who had actually physically practiced their shooting every day for twenty minutes.

Other research has shown creative visualization and other mind control techniques such as using mantras and positive thinking have been able to being healing to the body, pushing back the effects of even terminal illnesses such as cancer. These patients still would use medicine but found the image of them coming out as victorious in their battle with the illness proved to be a turning point in their victory.

Many people believe that when we being to take control of our own minds and focus on our goals we affect the environment we live in. Exciting things being to happen with doors that seemed so heavily wedged shut opening, or new opportunities springing out of nowhere. These are situations that begin to work in your
favour once you get your focus right.

Research from both Princeton and Stanford universities showed there was evidence that people can influence other’s thoughts using creative visualization. Though this has only shown to work with the effects of random statistical experimentation such
as effecting random number generation and the rolling of dice to a particular number, it does indicate there is a scientific basis in the belief that you can alter the course around you by your thoughts.

While there is no proven research, the plethora of anecdotal evidence does show that your thoughts affect your outcome. Even at the very worst, a more positive attitude is likely to help you become more open to opportunity and be more on the look out for new ideas and opening doors.

Turn your life into the life you want by discovering the purpose you were born to live and then change the way you think of yourself living that life to get there. Remember the place you are now is the place you got to by the thoughts you’ve already had-
even if it was not a conscious decision.

Start to take your future place in this world into both your conscious and
subconscious mind, learning to turn around and more ahead to reach your purpose. It won’t take long to enjoy the fruits of your endeavors.