Saturday, 6 February 2016

Become Better Husband

A marital problem start when a wife feels neglected and taken for granted by her husband, the man should be more sensitive to the needs of his wife. If you are one of the husband that don’t care to notice that your wife is not happy anymore, I think this video is for you to watch and understand. 
Enjoy it.

Prophetic Prayer

Prophetic Prayer for the month of February by Evg. Julius Abidoye

Character & Integrity

Two major components of your own personal excellence are character and integrity. Character refers to the traits that determine who you are at a core level. Integrity reveals the values you live your life by. Character is often said to be “what you do when you think no one is watching”.  What a revealing little statement that is!  Most of us have done things we’re not proud of; things we hope don’t come back to haunt us later.

These events usually take place in our younger years, when we’re still trying to figure out who we are. Once we know who we are (or decide who we want to be), we begin to understand that we are largely a product of our actions. Positive actions make us a “good person,” and a valuable member of society. Negative actions reveal a cruel, selfish or undeveloped character.Your character will directly affect your personal excellence in powerful ways.

How?  If excellence is all about throwing your whole self into whatever you do, shouldn’t your “whole self” be a person of great value?

Remember, your character is determined by your actions.  If you consistently cheat, steal and lie to others, your inner self is diminished and therefore largely ineffective.  On the other hand, if you strive to serve others, contribute something of value to others and the world, your inner self will grow and expand into something far more pervasive than you can imagine.

Then, when you throw your whole self into whatever you do, you are throwing a “bigger and better self” into the process, and your results will be that much more powerful.

Here’s how to build your character in life-changing ways:

Be the best “YOU” that you can be.  Don’t try to emulate others, but instead look within and bring out the very best parts of yourself that are unique and special.

Strengthen and develop the best parts of yourself until they are all-pervasive.  Let them take over your personality, your work, your relationships – and every aspect of your life.  Let them become the largest parts of yourself.

Share the best parts of yourself with others.  Share your strengths, your ideals, your vision, your power.  Be willing to show others who you truly are, and you will become a powerful magnet for like-minded people.

Focus on what you can do for others, rather than what you stand to gain from others.  Ironically, a focus on giving will also increase the amount and magnitude of what you receive.  Again, don’t focus on that; just focus on contributing immense value to other people and the world in general.

Do only that which you can be proud of.  Remember, character is revealed by what you do when you think no one is watching.  A good  way to keep this in perspective is to imagine a hidden camera trained on you at all times.  If you would feel ashamed or guilty about an activity you’re considering – it’s a sure bet that it will detract from your character rather than adding to it.

The Value of Integrity Integrity is all about the values by which you live your life.  A person of great character usually has a strong sense of integrity, while a person of  negligible character has less (or no) integrity.

What are these values?  For the purposes of this article, value is defined as “the relative worth or importance of something”. Whatever traits or characteristics you consider to be very important or valuable are your personal “values”.

Common values that you may hold:


Integrity is simply adherence to your own code of values.  That means being loyal to your own ideas of how things should be in your world.  If honesty is one of your values, you would never dream of trying to cheat someone.  You simply wouldn’t be able to justify such an action in your own mind.

If you did try to side-step your values, you’d feel so uncomfortable that you wouldn’t be able to stand it.  The guilt and shame would eat at you until you did what you could to make the situation right again.Take a few moments right now and consider your own values.

What is very important to you regarding your own behaviour and the behaviour of others?  Write down anything that comes to mind so you can explore these thoughts in greater detail later. Even if you don’t know why you feel strongly about a particular value, write it down anyway.  As you explore your values, you’ll
realize that underlying motives can vary widely and that’s perfectly okay.

The main thing is to understand why your values are important to you. You may be surprised to learn that many of your values were formed as a result of your past experiences.  For example, you may have been cheated or lied to by someone you trusted, and the experience was so painful that you vowed never to do such a thing to someone else.

Voila, your value of honesty was born.If you were verbally abused or belittled when you were a child, you may now hold a value of kindness and compassion for whomever you meet. Once you have your list of values, compare them with your most common actions. Do you ever do things that are in opposition to your values?  If you do, you’ll quickly understand why this limits your personal excellence.

The feelings of guilt, shame, fear and embarrassment will consistently interfere with everything you do and diminish any sense of satisfaction you would have gained from your activities.You can also question and adjust your values as needed; especially if you formed your values (as a result of childhood conditioning) that are not serving you now.  A good example is the child who is conditioned to believe that money is the root of all evil and selfless service is God-like behaviour.

This child will likely grow into an adult who resists having any more money than necessary and struggles financially all of her life.Questioning and challenging (and ultimately changing) such a value will create a greater sense of empowerment and purpose in her life, rather than blindly living by someone else’s values.

A strict adherence to your values makes for an incredible experience, provided they are values that serve your highest good and the highest good of others.   Not only are you able to feel good about your day-to-day actions, you are able to keep growing and developing as a person. In other words, expanding your personal excellence!

If your life has been blessed by this article please, share with others. Who knows you may encourage a soul by doing so? You are blessed in Jesus name.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Peace in the Nations

Peace in the Nations is an Inspirational song soliciting for peace to reign all over the world. Today, we are living in a world of confusion, conflict almost everywhere, Nations are rising against Nations, why can't we live in PEACE and accept one another with unconditional LOVE?  Day and Night will pass away. Silver and Gold will pass away. But the spirit of love will never go away and shall always be the same. Feel the lyrics COOL!!!


The truth opens up the heart and soul. This capability to sense the truth is something we all already bear. We all have a heart and soul that's already precisely showing us how true matters are. Anything that places you in touch with more of the reality opens up the connection to the spiritual.  Once your experience is imparting more truth, there's a sense of opening up, softening, easiness, enlargement, fulfillment, and gratification.

Connecting With Self Instead Of Stuff

This may be most directly felt in the core of the chest, but the heart and soul of all existence is infinite and consequently in reality bigger than your whole body. 

So this opening up, softening, and enlargement is in reality happening everyplace; we simply sense it most clearly and directly in the core of the chest.Once you meet truth, the sense of your self opens up, enlarges, softens, fills out, and relinquishes.

The sense of your world is no longer felt to be so confined or little. It gets to be more complete and limitless. The limits soften and fade away, and any sense of deficiency, limit, or deficiency is decreased or annihilated.

As a side effect of becoming in touch with more of the truth, your brain gets quieter as you merely have less to consider. Even acknowledging a simple truth like where your keys are provides you less to consider. 

And once you touch on a real big truth, your brain becomes even stiller, like once you view the sea for the first time: The reality or truth you’re looking at is so vast that at least for a minute your brain is stopped and gets really quiet. In direct contrast, once your experience is getting into a decreased or smaller experience of the reality and of truth, the heart and soul narrows. 

The sense of your world becomes tight, firm, compressed, and feels incomplete, limited, and restricted. It may feel like you're little, inadequate, or despicable.

 The smallness of the reality is reflected in the littleness of the sense of your world. The result of being less in touch with reality is that your brain gets busier as it attempts to work out what is real.

As luck would have it, your existence is never belittled or contracted, only the sense of your self. Even as cutting your view of the whole room by partly covering up your eyes makes your sensation of the room littler without really making the room littler, an thought or notion that’s not really true is mused in a small sense of your self, without really limiting or condensing your existence.

Drill: Take a minute to sense your heart and soul. This may help you get more in touch with what is occurring there. Mark if the heart and soul feels comparatively compressed or comparatively open. In either event, your heart and soul is working absolutely to show you the degree of truth you’re getting in this instant. There's no wrong way for your heart and soul to react. It’s forever showing you the relative truth of this instant.

Truth is what subsists, what is current now. So, if what subsists is likewise what’s true, then there's only truth. Whatever is current is true—but to variable degrees.Just as there's no actual matter or energy that's darkness, but simply altering amounts of the power of light, there's no untruth or falsity, only changing degrees of the truth.

Our heart and soul openness or lack or receptivity in every instant is what shows us how much of the truth is being received in any minute.What about ideas that are misguided?  If you entertain the thought that you’ll never be content unless you have 1 million dollars, your heart and soul will contract fittingly to show you that it’s simply an idea.

This contraction might be really quick, so quick that it doesn’t cause you any irritation or hassle. But if you truly feel this, then the sense of your self- command condense for as long as that thought is held.
Drill: For just a minute, hold onto a confining idea like, “I'll never have adequate time” and note the response. Does this idea let you relax and be, or does it call for a sort of effort or compression simply to hold it? Now think about a different thought that you find absurd as it’s so untrue like, “I'll never be happy unless I become president of Microsoft.” Note how it may even be inconceivable to hold onto this idea. It may even make you laugh.

Many confining ideas are true, but only as ideas. As these ideas subsist, they've some reality to them, but the existence of something simply as an idea is a really small existence indeed.In the range of daily experience, our thoughts have variable degrees of correspondence with truth. Those that agree more closely to reality won’t constrict or limit the sense of self for as long as erred ones.

If your life has been blessed by this article. Please, share with others. Who knows,  you may encourage a soul by doing that? You are blessed in Jesus name.

Committing to Excellence

The important thing is to commit to excellence with whatever you do.  Don’t clean out the garage because you “have to”. Clean out the garage as if it were the most important thing you were doing that day.  Clean it out as if a neat garage was of the utmost importance in the grand scheme of things.  Clean it out as if you would rather be doing nothing else in the world.

Why?  What does your attitude matter when cleaning out the garage?  If you approach any task with a sense of boredom or grudging obligation, a few things will happen: First, you won’t enjoy the process at all.  Your mind will be focusing only on “getting it done” and you won’t be giving your full attention to what you’re doing.

Consequently, you will end up missing out on the enjoyment of the process. Secondly, since you didn’t pay full attention to what you were doing, your results will be less than stellar.  The garage might look “okay” and you might be fine with that. But wouldn’t “good” be better than “okay”?  And wouldn’t “great” be better than “good”?  

Finally, with a ho-hum attitude, you will also miss out on that great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Perhaps you think it doesn’t matter, that doing a job for its own sake is fine and dandy.  Sometimes that might be true. However, if you want to experience greater joy and fulfillment in your life, it makes sense that you’d want to enjoy the things you do and experience better results from them.

The only way to do that is to commit fully to whatever you do. Focus your full attention to it and allow yourself to be immersed in the process.  Give it your absolute best effort and watch how it dramatically enhances the result!

Investing in Every Move You Make 

One great way to increase your personal excellence is by choosing to see your effort as an investment in the end result. What is an investment?  In a financial context, it is money we allocate (to a fund or program) with the intention to expand and grow it (with interest or other gains) so we get more money back. How does this apply to actions and excellence?  If we see our every action as an investment, it will remind us that we stand to gain much more than we give.

If we invest in our relationships by strengthening communication and spending quality time with loved ones, our relationships grow and expand into meaningful connections that enrich our lives.  If we invest in our career, by giving our best effort, continuing our education and striving for long-term advancement, we gain more money, greater job satisfaction and more opportunities for success.
If we invest in our personal growth and development, we gain a greater understanding of ourselves, our aspirations, and our potential.

It’s exactly the same for everything you do, whether you’re working on your passions or your obligations.
Would you want to have an operation done by a surgeon that was only half paying attention to what he or she was doing? Would you want to be driven by a taxi driver that was only half watching the road?
Would you want to eat a meal that was only half cooked by a chef? Granted, most of the things you do may not be as life threatening as these examples.  But why should your results be any less important?

Never Settling for Less 

Have you ever caught yourself settling for less?  Perhaps you had a big goal in mind but you doubted your ability to achieve it, so you set your sights a little lower. I’m not referring to starting small and gradually increasing your goals as you go along.  That’s actually a great way to build your confidence and stretch the limit of what you believe is possible.

What I’m referring to is the person who dreams of being a best-selling novelist, but instead settles for a job writing newspaper articles because “it pays the bills”.  This person is not slowly working toward a larger goal; he or she has given up on the larger goal and settled for what he or she thinks is possible.

Have you written off your big dream because it seems unattainable?  Maybe you still harbour a faint hope that “some day” you can have what you want, but you don’t have a plan in mind.  Have you simply settled because you don’t see any way to get what you really want?

Settling is really a self-protection mechanism.  Not having what we want is discomforting, so we find ways to rationalize it, which lessens the pain and disappointment.  Instead of fighting for what we want, we settle into a state of resignation and numb  defeat – before we even try! That’s the funny (yet sad) thing about settling – we usually do it before even trying to get what we really want.  

We simply convince ourselves our lofty goal isn’t realistic and stow our dreams away in the shadowy recesses of our subconscious mind. Yet, no matter how hard you have tried to forget your ambition, it still whispers to you, doesn't it?  It still haunts your dreams and it fills you with envy when you see someone else doing what you want to do.

Pay attention to those little whispers, because they hold an important message: you are capable of achieving anything you want and with such a pervasive essence of excellence that it would blow your mind if you could see it now. You just have to believe it and commit to doing it. 

When it comes right down to it, bringing out your personal excellence requires you to stop settling.  It requires an open mind, a belief that what you want is entirely possible and a willingness to demand nothing less than excellence from yourself – no matter what you do.

 If your life has been blessed by this article. Please, share with others. Who knows,  you may encourage a soul by doing that? You are blessed in Jesus name.


Bringing Out Your Personal Excellence. No matter what you do in life, doing it well reaps great rewards. Whether this concept is applied to your work or your health, your relationships or your personal goals, making a commitment to personal excellence in whatever you do virtually guarantees a life of fulfillment, success and passion.  

What does excellence have to do with anything?  As with most things in life, the results we experience tend to be in proportion to the quality of the effort we put forth.  If we give a half-heated effort, we experience poor results.  If we give our absolute best, we always get excellent results (even if they aren’t what we initially intended) and sometimes, the results are even better than we expected.

You may wonder whether excellence really matters. Can’t you do something well enough and call it good?  Yes, and that’s not always a bad thing to do.  You can still get good results from good intentions and adequate efforts.  But the question you need to ask yourself in every situation is, “Am I willing to settle for good enough?”  If you are, this article is about challenging you to think about changing your approach and learning to apply your own personal excellence to everything you do.

 Believing You Are Capable of More 


One common reason people don’t give their best effort is because they don’t believe they are capable of more. Does this describe you? Are you more focused on getting quick results, even if they aren’t the best results? Do you think that if a task requires too much effort it won’t be worth it? Do you consistently avoid working any harder than you have to? Do you believe that massive success is only for the truly talented and lucky, so there’s no point in giving your best?

If you’re like the average person, you are probably capable of twenty times more than you have achieved so far. That’s at the minimum. It’s probably much higher. Do you have trouble believing that, or do you feel a twinge in your gut that confirms the truth of that statement? If you really don’t believe you are capable of more, then just maybe you are already working at your maximum level of excellence.

First, take a moment to think about your accomplishments thus far, and be honest with yourself about the things you could have done better. Perhaps you shied away from increased responsibility at your job and got passed over for promotion or you gave up on making your dream a reality because it seemed too difficult.

In order to bring out your personal excellence, you need to first acknowledge that your present circumstances are due to the actions you’ve taken so far, and more importantly the quality of effort you’ve put forth.

This can be an uncomfortable exercise because in a sense it means acknowledging that you are the cause of your own diminutive progress. However, only by knowing with certainty where you are can you move on to somewhere better. Imagine you’re in a shopping mall, standing before one of those maps that state, “You are here.” If you know where you are you can easily map out a route to get somewhere else.

It’s important not to judge yourself for your progress (or lack of) up to this point. Feeling bad about yourself accomplishes nothing. The point is to gain a clear understanding of where you are, and figure out where you want to go. Acknowledge that you did the best you could with the resources you had, but now you are ready to do better.

Finding Something to Believe In 


Excellence is not so much about what you do, but how you do it.
However, the more time you spend doing things that really matter to you, the more naturally you will bring out your inner excellence. What is important to you? What do you live for? What have you always wanted to do? Answering these questions will start you on an amazing journey of self-discovery and growth.

Once you know the activities that make your heart sing, the point is then to do them often, and do them well. Master them like you’ve never mastered anything before. Throw yourself into them and become consumed by them.

When we do something we feel extremely passionate about, we automatically give the best of ourselves to the task. We’re not focusing on anything but the present moment which means we are able to devote our full energy and attention to now. Not only do we end up enjoying ourselves to the fullest possible extent, we also transmit that much more power to the end result. Half-hearted effort leads to tepid results, but focused, passionate action brings forth powerful results.

When It Just Has to Be Done 


As important as it is to follow your passion, we all have things that simply must be done. We’ve got jobs, family responsibilities, various mundane chores to attend to, and all types of other obligations. It’s easy to slip into a mind-set of drudgery and do these things with half-hearted effort, and much of the time we do just that. But what would happen if we began giving them our full effort and attention?

First, we’d find ourselves feeling more positive about these unpleasant tasks. Rather than feeling annoyed or weary about them, we’d feel good about them. We’d start focusing more on the benefits created by the work we do, rather than the work itself.

We would also gain a sense of personal mastery over everything we do. From errands to interpersonal relationships, each activity would feel like its own reward. The results gained from these activities would simply be a nice bonus – better organization, greater fulfillment, deeper relationships and more powerful results from projects. In general, personal excellence creates a sense of inner pride about who we are and what we do. It makes us feel more confident, happier, and focused.

If your life has been blessed by this article. Please, share with others. Who knows,  you may encourage a soul by doing that? You are blessed in Jesus name.


Determination is making a statement of fact and following through it. You declare yourself to be what it is you desire. You raise your ceiling of expectations for yourself and the world around you. You know that all things are possible, and you’re capable of achieving this success. You’re enthusiastic and passionate about yourself and your goal, so much that others feel it. You’re at peace and happy.

You know your purpose at this point in life. You take the necessary risks, knowing that they will move you toward your goal.If you begin to experience obstacles, then you’ve taken your eyes off your goal. Refocus. Frustrated? You’re off purpose. Refocus. Don’t daydream about your success; just keep your focus on each step and milestone of your plan of action. As your determination moves you toward your goal, you’ll begin to see results manifest.

Give to Succeed 


The Bible’s Old Testament has several references to the word “sevenfold” and the phrase “seven times”, stating that what you put out through your actions (energy) comes back to you seven times stronger.
Genesis states in 4:15 & 24 that if Cain is slain, he’ll be avenged sevenfold; the punishment for stealing is to pay what was stolen back sevenfold in Proverbs 6:31; and Isaiah 30:26 states that the sun shines seven times brighter than the moon.
What these sacred texts are trying to impress upon us is how the universe responds to what we give — negatively or positively — in greater amounts.  It’s better to give than to receive. It’s the way the universe works. It’s a fundamental part of our lives.
When you seek success in anything, you have a tendency to focus totally on the goal and the process of getting there. That’s a problem. The more you chase after your own goals and pursue your self-interest, the more they evade you. When you’re in a state of doing only for yourself, you are off your purpose.
You attract what you give, what’s inside of you. If you give love, respect and empowerment, the universe returns what you radiate sevenfold. If you give of yourself in time and money, the universe returns your giving sevenfold.

Moving Toward Success

To move into the realm of purpose (the process of moving forward toward success), you must give and serve others. Focus on your goal in the NOW by continually working toward it without being “attached” to it. As soon as you attach emotion to the goal, it eludes you. Attach your emotion to helping others, and your success will chase after you. Keep your giving to yourself. Otherwise, you cancel out its effect in the universe. If you’re giving your time and resources for the right reason, you don’t have a need to discuss it. So, give of time and money to succeed.

Silence Your Mind

The world of silence it’s a place to explore who you truly are, to create, and to connect to the universe. In the silence, you connect to love. In the silence, you access the power of the universe. It clears your mind and gives you extraordinary ideas, allowing success to flow freely. The silence is within that part of yourself that No One Knows, where you may encounter the true purpose of your life and what you need do to achieve it.

In the silence, you recharge your batteries, remove tension and anxiety, reduce stress and fatigue, eliminate doubt and depression, and remove acculturation programming. It gives you a sense of belonging. You become one with the universe and all of humanity, and you know peace.

When you are separated from the silence, you see doubts, your see problems, and you feel the negative surround you. There are no problems, doubts or negative in the silence. It moves you away from this outer world and all its perceived troubles, connecting you back to your original source of spirit.

This silence is located in the space between your thoughts. To reach it, you must quiet your thoughts. You must quiet your mind and know stillness. Then, you merge with it. Quiet your mind, be at peace, and connect. Take a walk in the woods or a quiet park. Listen to the sounds of nature. Breathe deeply of the fresh air.

Hear the birds chirping, the leaves rustling under foot, and the sound and smell of the breeze as it brushes past your face. Walk barefoot in the grass. Stretch your arms out wide and slowly turn, feeling the freedom. Feel the different textures of nature — the bark of a tree, the silky feel of a flower petal, the soft fur of a kitten, the bristles from the blades of grass against you palm, and all that nature offers your senses.

As you focus on hearing and feeling nature, you will find peace. While you’re alone, speak to the universe — in your mind through your thoughts or out loud, depending upon your comfort level. Speak as if you’re speaking to a friend. Tell this friend your problems and desires. Then, let the universe take care of them.

Be the Success You Desire.


Success takes both determination and belief. This requires a belief that is with absolute certainty that your goal already has taken place in the universe. It only needs be manifest — made real in the physical world — exactly on time. Believing with absolute certainty is a giant “leap of faith” that the universe will come through for you. One of the strongest tools for keeping your proper focus is, of course, meditation, because it connects you directly to the universe and affirms your faith in it.

 An even stronger tool is to actually see the universe in motion — seeing things happen for you without any intervention from you, other than determination and belief. Treating yourself as if and acting as though your goal is already achieved. Remember, that as soon as you determine something and place absolute belief in it, it already has been processed by the universe and exists — even if the existence is currently in thought.

Don’t think about what has been, the past is gone. Treat the situation as if the past had never happened. Change the way you look at the situation to a positive perspective. Think, speak and act/react with a sense of purpose. Have gratitude for the universe, yourself and the situation, and be inspired.

 If your life has been blessed by this article. Please, share with others. Who knows,  you may encourage a soul by doing that? You are blessed in Jesus name.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Open Your Mind to the Possibilities

YOU determine what success is for you. It’s not based on any judgment other than your own. It’s not dependent upon materialistic measurements. And, for some, success is the journey, itself. Success may be something material, such as money or a new home. It could be something egotistical, as the power and notoriety that comes with the position of CEO. It could be emotional, as finding love and commitment.

 Success may even be unselfish and altruistic, as seeing children in third world countries healthy and safe. Success has no particular name or identity. There is no one method to describe what success is, other than the definition above. It means something different to each individual. All successful people, however, have one thing in common — determination! To be success, you must first determine to be so.

Though not always a conscious decision, the seed that leads to action is to first determine.
 Being successful is a two-part process — determination and belief! Both of which begin in the mind. Determination and belief are the starting points for success. They open you to new opportunities to do an exploit, and you only need a subconscious thought to plant the seed.

Rewrite Your Reality

To rewrite your reality, you must reinvent yourself. To do this, you need to change your thinking, your speech, and your actions/reactions. You cannot change the current life your mind created, with the same mind that created it. You must change the way you think. Change your mind,change your reality.

The past does not drive you forward, unless you allow it. Just because things have progressed a specific way up until now, doesn’t mean it must continue to do so. No one can write you off in life unless you do so by allowing the spirit of limitation upon yourself. Allowing a negative recurring event to control your future makes you a victim.

Cherish the good you remember from your past — the events, feelings and people. Confront and accept the bad, because nothing happens in our lives by accident. Regardless of how bad things may have been in your past, you wouldn’t be the person you are now without this past and the events it holds. You had to go through all that you did to be YOU.

You are not what you’ve done, what you’ve been, how others have taught you, or what has been done to you. Your past and all its hurts are no longer in this reality, unless you allow them to be here to continue to cause hurts, conflicts, and negative cyclical events. You cannot change your past, but you can change your response to it.

If your life has been blessed by this article. Please, share with others. Who knows,  you may encourage a soul by doing that? You are blessed in Jesus name.