Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Determination is making a statement of fact and following through it. You declare yourself to be what it is you desire. You raise your ceiling of expectations for yourself and the world around you. You know that all things are possible, and you’re capable of achieving this success. You’re enthusiastic and passionate about yourself and your goal, so much that others feel it. You’re at peace and happy.

You know your purpose at this point in life. You take the necessary risks, knowing that they will move you toward your goal.If you begin to experience obstacles, then you’ve taken your eyes off your goal. Refocus. Frustrated? You’re off purpose. Refocus. Don’t daydream about your success; just keep your focus on each step and milestone of your plan of action. As your determination moves you toward your goal, you’ll begin to see results manifest.

Give to Succeed 


The Bible’s Old Testament has several references to the word “sevenfold” and the phrase “seven times”, stating that what you put out through your actions (energy) comes back to you seven times stronger.
Genesis states in 4:15 & 24 that if Cain is slain, he’ll be avenged sevenfold; the punishment for stealing is to pay what was stolen back sevenfold in Proverbs 6:31; and Isaiah 30:26 states that the sun shines seven times brighter than the moon.
What these sacred texts are trying to impress upon us is how the universe responds to what we give — negatively or positively — in greater amounts.  It’s better to give than to receive. It’s the way the universe works. It’s a fundamental part of our lives.
When you seek success in anything, you have a tendency to focus totally on the goal and the process of getting there. That’s a problem. The more you chase after your own goals and pursue your self-interest, the more they evade you. When you’re in a state of doing only for yourself, you are off your purpose.
You attract what you give, what’s inside of you. If you give love, respect and empowerment, the universe returns what you radiate sevenfold. If you give of yourself in time and money, the universe returns your giving sevenfold.

Moving Toward Success

To move into the realm of purpose (the process of moving forward toward success), you must give and serve others. Focus on your goal in the NOW by continually working toward it without being “attached” to it. As soon as you attach emotion to the goal, it eludes you. Attach your emotion to helping others, and your success will chase after you. Keep your giving to yourself. Otherwise, you cancel out its effect in the universe. If you’re giving your time and resources for the right reason, you don’t have a need to discuss it. So, give of time and money to succeed.

Silence Your Mind

The world of silence it’s a place to explore who you truly are, to create, and to connect to the universe. In the silence, you connect to love. In the silence, you access the power of the universe. It clears your mind and gives you extraordinary ideas, allowing success to flow freely. The silence is within that part of yourself that No One Knows, where you may encounter the true purpose of your life and what you need do to achieve it.

In the silence, you recharge your batteries, remove tension and anxiety, reduce stress and fatigue, eliminate doubt and depression, and remove acculturation programming. It gives you a sense of belonging. You become one with the universe and all of humanity, and you know peace.

When you are separated from the silence, you see doubts, your see problems, and you feel the negative surround you. There are no problems, doubts or negative in the silence. It moves you away from this outer world and all its perceived troubles, connecting you back to your original source of spirit.

This silence is located in the space between your thoughts. To reach it, you must quiet your thoughts. You must quiet your mind and know stillness. Then, you merge with it. Quiet your mind, be at peace, and connect. Take a walk in the woods or a quiet park. Listen to the sounds of nature. Breathe deeply of the fresh air.

Hear the birds chirping, the leaves rustling under foot, and the sound and smell of the breeze as it brushes past your face. Walk barefoot in the grass. Stretch your arms out wide and slowly turn, feeling the freedom. Feel the different textures of nature — the bark of a tree, the silky feel of a flower petal, the soft fur of a kitten, the bristles from the blades of grass against you palm, and all that nature offers your senses.

As you focus on hearing and feeling nature, you will find peace. While you’re alone, speak to the universe — in your mind through your thoughts or out loud, depending upon your comfort level. Speak as if you’re speaking to a friend. Tell this friend your problems and desires. Then, let the universe take care of them.

Be the Success You Desire.


Success takes both determination and belief. This requires a belief that is with absolute certainty that your goal already has taken place in the universe. It only needs be manifest — made real in the physical world — exactly on time. Believing with absolute certainty is a giant “leap of faith” that the universe will come through for you. One of the strongest tools for keeping your proper focus is, of course, meditation, because it connects you directly to the universe and affirms your faith in it.

 An even stronger tool is to actually see the universe in motion — seeing things happen for you without any intervention from you, other than determination and belief. Treating yourself as if and acting as though your goal is already achieved. Remember, that as soon as you determine something and place absolute belief in it, it already has been processed by the universe and exists — even if the existence is currently in thought.

Don’t think about what has been, the past is gone. Treat the situation as if the past had never happened. Change the way you look at the situation to a positive perspective. Think, speak and act/react with a sense of purpose. Have gratitude for the universe, yourself and the situation, and be inspired.

 If your life has been blessed by this article. Please, share with others. Who knows,  you may encourage a soul by doing that? You are blessed in Jesus name.